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EuroSolutions Insurance Brokers

EuroSolutions Insurance Brokerage

Insurance risk analysis, insurance contracting, insurance policy management and implementation, claims collection, and consulting

EuroSolutions Insurance Brokers
EuroSolutions Insurance Solutions

Use our carefully developed solutions for reducing business risks, or contact us to develop fully customized solution just for you.

EuroSolutions Insurance Solutions
Trade Credit Insurance

Trade Credit Insurance

Insure your receivables and secure your liquidity

Trade Credit Insurance
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Why Choose EuroSolutions?

We provide customised services
Our services are always fully customized, based on a thorough analysis of the client and knowledge of the solutions available in the domestic and global insurance market.
We take responsibility
We professionally and responsibly represent your interests and rights and advocate with insurance companies for offers tailored to your needs.
No cost to the client
The costs of our work are covered by insurance companies. For you, this means saving financial and human resources, and time. We are the only insurance broker providing expert assistance in risk and claim assessment, optimizing insurance costs.

Who are we?

EuroSolutions is an innovative company for insurance brokerage services founded in Belgrade in 2009.

We offer the following types of insurance: property and business insurance, professional liability insurance, construction site insurance, trade credit insurance, insurance of financial institutions and IT companies, vehicles, cyber insurance, private health insurance for employees, occupational injury insurance, casco insurance, transport insurance, aviation insurance, agricultural risk insurance, professional athlete insurance, etc.

We are focused on providing quality insurance brokerage services to our clients and expanding our portfolio, following their needs and the insurance market development, both on the domestic and global levels. Thanks to such an approach:

  • We serve clients in the domestic and foreign markets by building a strong and reliable network of foreign partners

  • Our company responds to specific client requirements using all available resources, including constant access to Lloyd’s insurance market (, where the most complex insurance and reinsurance activities are carried out

  • We strive to stay one step ahead of market trends and innovations through constant training and improvement of personnel

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Our Services

Our services include planning, creation, implementation and monitoring of insurance services. They are optimised and fully adapted to the needs of each user.

We also provide individual elements if that is optimal for the client.

Need quality advice or suggestions for improvement?

Our proven methodology of introducing and improving insurance services will reduce risks and costs resulting from unforeseen events in the future. Every journey begins with the first step, and the first step in insurance is the proper identification of risks, followed by defining necessary and effective insurance solutions. Contact us, and we will help you to insure your business, property, people and finances in the best way possible.

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