Privatno zdravstveno osiguranje

Private Health Insurance

Private health insurance is one of the most important tools from the employee benefits package the companies use to raise and maintain employee motivation, which is significant for their retention and satisfaction.

Private healthcare insurance for employees is voluntary and concluded independently of state-mandated health insurance, intending to provide more comfortable and faster treatment within the network of private and state health institutions (600+) in the systems of insurance companies.

What does private health insurance bring to you?

Private medical insurance or voluntary health insurance has many advantages for both the employer and employees. There are many advantages, both from the aspect of business, efficiency and sustainability, as well as the feeling of protection and support, which allows a clear focus on the implementation of business obligations and activities and employee satisfaction and loyalty.

Advantages for Employers

Many different forms of medical insurance can be adjusted to the specific needs and budget of each employer
Shorter sick leaves
Employees can return from sick leave more quickly because of faster diagnosis and treatment in the most efficient healthcare facilities
Employee motivation and loyalty
Private health insurance is a valued benefit that significantly increases the motivation and loyalty of employees
Efficiency in implementing obligations
Efficient implementation of mandatory medical examinations related to the activity
Unhindered workflow and fewer absences
Most examinations can be performed outside business hours at the time that best suits the employee

Advantages for Employees

Wide choice and types of support
State and private health facilities in the system provide both standard and special forms of prevention and treatment
Family care
Employee private medical insurance provides the possibility of including family members in the policy under the same conditions
Continuous availability of healthcare
Free medical support and expert assistance, house calls and a call centre available 24/365
Top-notch protection at no additional cost
Exceptional medical service and health care with privileged treatment at no cost to employees
Freedom of choice
The possibility to freely choose a doctor and healthcare facility from a wide network of institutions available

What does private health insurance cover?

Private medical insurance for employees is available in a wide range of coverage levels with different premiums designed to meet the needs of different customers. Therefore, it takes time and concentration to consider and understand precisely what coverages are available and what their exclusions are.

Need advice or a proposal for private medical insurance?

Our job is to introduce you in detail to the differences in the programs of insurance companies that offer this product, explain what you are insured against and what the coverage limits for the insured risks are. We will explain in detail all coverages included in the available packages based on your requirements so that you clearly understand the exclusions from the insurance and when you are entitled to treatment.

Which insurances do we provide offers from?

When proposing a solution optimized for the needs of your business, we will provide a detailed overview of offers.

All offers include a review of insured risks, indicating any potential waiting periods and mandatory participation, exclusions, and a clear description of each coverage within the offered package, so that the choice remains based solely on a clear structure of the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

Most insurance companies we collaborate with offer adequate packages, allowing us to create a suitable proposal for private health insurance and selection for the specific needs of the client.