Accounts Receivable Insurance

Protect your receivables with EuroSolutions

Reduce risk, improve cash flow, and increase profit with our reliable and flexible solutions.

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Are payment uncertainties and customer insolvency also a challenge for you? Discover how our accounts receivable insurance solutions can ensure stability and growth for your business. Accounts receivable insurance means:


Guaranteed Collection

Ensure payment even when customers delay or become insolvent


Better Cash Flow

Provide your company with better liquidity and financial predictability.


Global Support

Take advantage of our direct connections with global insurers for the best conditions.

Trade Credit Insurance Inquiry

How does accounts receivable insurance work?

Why EuroSolutions

Our partnership with ICBA allows us to provide you with unique terms that are not available with local insurers. Take advantage of our global network and expertise.

We do not approach local insurance companies; instead, we use only direct connections with global credit insurers and their headquarters.

We provide better conditions for our clients. We achieve more favourable premium rates and the percentage of fulfilment of required credit limits for our clients’ customers.

Key Benefits of Accounts Receivable Insurance Provided by EuroSolutions' Partnership with ICBA

Sales increase
Insured collection of receivables is an incentive for more agile sales.
Larger insured portfolio
The share of the insured portfolio that we facilitate through ICBA is greater than the standard offer
Higher credit limit
Simultaneous cooperation with several global insurers allows for more coverage limits
Informed to make good decisions
Being well informed, through partner and market analysis, is a prerequisite for making the right decisions
Quality of relations with local insurers
Improved terms of cooperation with local insurers, as a result of expertise and global connectivity