Osiguranje avijacije

Aviation Insurance

Aviation insurance is a specific branch of transport insurance, and requires specific policies and management of diverse solutions. Air travel has revolutionised the way people and goods travel around the world. However, aviation as an industry is exposed to unique and potentially catastrophic risks.

  • High risk: aviation carries with it many potential risks, including accidents, collisions, damage and loss of aircraft. This is why premiums for aviation insurance can be significantly higher compared to other types of insurance.
  • Complex risk factors: risks associated with aviation include technical problems, human error, weather conditions and many other factors. This requires a very specific and detailed risk analysis and assessment.
  • High value aircraft: aircraft are extremely expensive, both their acquisition and maintenance. The loss or damage of an aircraft can have a significant financial impact on the owner or operator.
  • Global coverage: aviation is a global industry; that is why aviation insurance usually covers risks internationally. This requires cooperation between insurance companies and regulatory bodies in several countries.
  • Different types of coverage: airline insurance can include different types of coverage, such as aircraft loss insurance, third-party liability insurance (e.g., passengers and property owners), business risk insurance (e.g., flight interruptions) and other specific coverages.
  • Technical expertise: risk assessment in aviation insurance requires extensive technical expertise to understand the technical aspects of aircraft and aviation operations.
  • Legal and regulatory obligations: aviation is a highly regulated industry with many legal and regulatory requirements. Insurers must be familiar with these regulations to ensure that coverage is compliant with the requirements.

All these aspects require a special approach and expertise.

In addition to aircraft casco insurance, whether the aircraft is used for personal needs or transporting people and goods, dusting, aerial photography and other purposes, aircraft insurance is also necessary in case its use causes injury or damage to third parties.

Accordingly, there are two main solutions we provide when it comes to aviation insurance.

Osiguranje avijacije za treća lica

Aircraft owner insurance against liability for damages caused to third parties and passengers

Legally required insurance for all aircraft with a take-off weight greater than 20 kg. It covers costs in case of damage caused to third parties, passengers and their personal property.

kasko osiguranje vazduhoplova

Aircraft Casco Insurance

This solution covers the cost of repairing and transporting a damaged aircraft vehicle in case of breakdown or damage that occurs during flight or on the ground.

Aviation insurance and specifics of the solutions

Aviation insurance includes coverage for a wide range of aspects, including damage to the aircraft fuselage, liability for passenger injuries, liability to third parties, and even coverage for aviation-related business operations. Accordingly, there are many policies provided by EuroSolutions that cover numerous risks associated with aircraft operations, ownership and maintenance of aircraft, and the specific characteristics that set it apart compared to other types of insurance.

Aviation insurance by type of aircraft

As each aircraft has its own specific characteristics that require different solutions, we provide insurance policies for different types of aircraft:

Commercial airliners (charter and regular traffic)

Agricultural aircraft

Sports planes, school planes and personal-use planes

Firefighting aircraft

Taxiing aircraft and other aircraft

Aviation insurance by activity

We provide insurance solutions in the field of aviation, also based on the specific characteristics of the business, for:


Flight control

Manufacturers for the aviation industry

Repair and maintenance services providers in  aviation

Airport authorities and Airport fuel dispensers

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