Rešenja za osiguranje

Insurance Solutions

EuroSolutions provides insurance solutions which are created in line with the sector or the activity and according to accompanying general and specific risks. Accordingly, our insurance solutions can cover most of the expected risks but can also be further adjusted.

EuroSolutions provides all types of insurance based on identified needs and analysis. Solutions include both life and non-life insurance, with a focus on non-life insurance and special risk insurance, where our expertise and professional standards add value through the provision of fully customised services tailored to the specific needs of clients. 

Property and Business

EuroSolutions provides numerous types of business liability insurance as a means to minimize risks and consequences of uncertain events in the future, as well as unexpected additional costs resulting from potential reimbursement. In this way, we ensure the continuity and sustainability of our clients’ businesses and support their competitiveness and market position.

Finance and IT

EuroSolutions provides a wide array of products and insurance solutions which protect financial institutions and IT companies – and not only them. In the era of intensive business digitalisation, the insurance solutions we provide also protect all other businesses exposed to financial, cyber and/or IT risks, the number of which is increasing, and the complexity is increasing.

Human Resources

In addition to advanced insurance solutions, such as trade credit insurance, EuroSolutions also provides basic mandatory types of insurance, such as employee insurance, and additional ones, like private health insurance.


Depending on the client’s activity, transport can be a primary or secondary activity but, in any case, it is a source of risk and potential costs. Prevention of sudden costs due to unforeseen future events in the area of transport and freight forwarding is possible by using a wide array of insurance solutions in the field of mobility and transport, which we can create, model and adapt to your activity.

Special Insurance Solutions

Our expertise goes far beyond the common and expected models and types of insurance. Agriculture, project activities or sports – we have a solution for insurance in special activities, with special needs and specific characteristics. Check out what we can do for you.

Need quality advice or suggestions for improvement?

Our proven methodology of introducing and improving insurance services will reduce risks and costs resulting from unforeseen events in the future. Every journey begins with the first step, and the first step in insurance is the proper identification of risks, followed by defining necessary and effective insurance solutions. Contact us, and we will help you to insure your business, property, people and finances in the best way possible.