Osiguranje za prevoznike i špeditere

Cargo and Freight Forwarder Insurance

Cargo and freight forwarder insurance includes a whole range of insurance solutions for transport and freight forwarding, which are the backbone of global trade, ensuring the movement of goods over long distances. However, such transport carries inherent risks.

Transport and forwarding insurance protects against potential loss or damage to goods during transport, regardless of the mode of transport – road, rail, sea or air transport. Among other things, EuroSolutions has been a trusted and reliable partner of companies in the area of transport and freight forwarding for years when it comes to insuring vehicles, goods and passengers.

This insurance applies to freight forwarders, carriers in all branches of traffic, and cargo owners and carriers. With the growing opening of our country’s borders to Europe and the intensification of traffic on key transport corridors, business in this area is constantly growing, but it is also subject to international rules and regulations. This includes the necessary insurance policies for the protection of passengers, goods, damage in case of vehicle damage in domestic and international transport, and damage caused to third parties.

EuroSolutions provides three types of insurance for the transportation of goods and freight forwarding, depending on their activity and risk area.

Cargo and Freight Forwarder Insurance – What We Provide

Road Carrier Liability Insurance

This insurance covers damage suffered by the carrier due to total or partial physical loss or damage to cargo during transportation and delivery delays in accordance with the Law on Contracts for Carriage of Goods by Road and the Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road.

Insurance of Goods in Transport

If the safety of the goods being transported is in your interest, you can opt for this type of insurance. 

It covers all damages caused by damage or loss of goods in domestic or international transport.  

Freight liability insurance

This insurance is intended for companies that provide freight forwarding services and are registered according to current regulations. An appropriate policy covers the responsibility of the freight forwarder during forwarding, road traffic by its own or an associate’s carrier, and incidental storage of goods.

Seeking advice or a proposal for cargo and freight forwarder insurance?

Our proven methodology of introducing and improving insurance services means that, as a result of the analysis and selection of offers, we will find appropriate insurance solutions for your business model and practice, as well as key risks. The first step in insurance is the correct identification of risks. Contact us, and we will help you to insure your business, property, people and finances in the best way possible.