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Insurance Policy Conclusion

Insurance Policy Conclusion – Key Aspects

Contracting an insurance policy represents a transition from preparation to implementation of insurance and, therefore, is an extremely important step in the overall set of services we provide to clients. Concluding an insurance policy effectively protects the user from the identified risks. To ensure business growth, development and sustainability, the contracted insurance policy must represent an appropriate balance of risk, coverage and premium. Insurance policy conclusion in EuroSolutions includes three main stages: defining a detailed insurance application, analyzing offers from different insurance companies and selecting the optimal offer.

Defining the Application

The first stage of this process is defining a detailed insurance application. During this stage, based on the recommendations from the risk analysis, the insurance policies covering the specific risks requiring insurance are selected. These risks may include property damage, employee and manager liability, health issues, or events such as accidents, theft, or natural disasters. This stage requires a thorough needs assessment taking into account financial capacity, the possible financial value of the potential damage and the value of the assets that are to be protected.

Analysis of Insurance Offers

After the insurance application is defined in a precise, clear and top-notch manner, the second stage includes submitting the application to different insurance companies and analysing the offers obtained by EuroSolutions. This step allows you to compare different insurance policies and choose the one that best suits your needs. Insurance companies prepare offers based on the application defined in the previous step in a way that they include the coverage amount, the premium amount, the deductible (i.e., the amount that the insured is responsible for paying toward an insured loss) and any other additional requirements, including, in particular, insurance exclusions.

Selecting the Optimal Offer

The last stage of the process is the selection of the optimal offer. This decision requires a balanced assessment of the offers received. The factors to be taken into account, in addition to the previously defined basic and accompanying conditions (scope of coverage, coverage amount, deductible, premium), are the reputation and reliability of the insurance company and possible discounts or benefits. It is recommended that the decision not be based solely on the price. The priority should be a policy that adequately covers the identified key risks and which is also financially rational in terms of cost.

It is essential that the offers be carefully analyzed and understood regarding all aspects and, in connection with this, our expertise is at your disposal – we know the standards, best practices and potential effects of choosing certain offer options.

Communication during the contracting process is as important as communication during the previous stage. EuroSolutions has a developed methodology for presenting, analysing and providing clear guidelines during the contracting process, as well as giving advice based on best practices and long-term market insight. Furthermore, we can create an appropriate application that includes all essential information during the application process since a mistake in this step may lead to the application being rejected or the policy being cancelled in the future. Our role as an insurance mediator or an insurance broker is to provide you with personalized support during the entire insurance contracting process, from defining needs and analyzing offers to the final selection of the optimal offer and signing the insurance policy. This allows you to receive adequate protection and make an informed decision according to your needs and financial goals.

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Our proven methodology of introducing and improving insurance services will reduce risks and costs resulting from unforeseen events in the future. Every journey begins with the first step, and the first step in insurance is the proper identification of risks, followed by defining necessary and effective insurance solutions. Contact us, and we will help you to insure your business, property, people and finances in the best way possible.