Osiguranje automobila i voznih parkova

Car and Fleet Insurance

Car and fleet insurance provides significant benefits through risk elimination, including savings due to coverage of more insurance items when it comes to fleet insurance, easier administration and customised policies to meet the specific needs of fleet users. It can also include additional options such as roadside assistance and coverage for drivers injured during work.

Fleets can include a variety of vehicles, from cars and trucks to specialised machinery. Fleet insurance provides cover for these vehicles against risks such as accidents, theft and damage. By consolidating coverage under one policy, companies can manage their risk more economically.

When it comes to automobile insurance, the best and most reliable motor vehicle protection is casco car insurance, no matter whether you use the vehicle for private purposes or work, because with casco insurance, your car will be insured against unforeseen events that may happen to you on the road but also when the vehicle is parked.

Comprehensive vehicle insurance protects against vehicle damage or destruction due to various risks.

Comprehensive CASCO Insurance

Comprehensive casco insurance provides comprehensive vehicle protection against many expected or possible risks:

Supplementary casco insurance is concluded with full casco car insurance and includes insurance of special vehicle equipment, luggage, tools and accessories, advertising and other signs on vehicles, towing costs and costs of renting a replacement vehicle.

Partial casco car insurance is also contracted within the casco insurance policy. By entering into partial casco car insurance, insurance protection is provided for all standard windows on the vehicle (front, rear and side).