Finansije i IT

Finance and IT

Finance and IT, as sectors of activity but also as elements of business management, are rapidly developing in the digital era. The volume of business in these sectors and areas of business activity, both individually and in connection with each other, are rapidly growing, but consequently, they are also faced with specific risks and challenges that require specialised insurance services. Simultaneously, the growth in the number and variation of risks is accompanied by the growth in the complexity of solutions, which applies both to these sectors individually and to their cross-cutting areas of activity, which are also intensively developing.

EuroSolutions provides a wide array of products and insurance solutions that protect financial institutions and IT companies. And not only them. In the era of intensive business digitalisation, the insurance solutions we provide also protect all other businesses exposed to financial, cyber and/or IT risks, the number of which is increasing, and the complexity is increasing.

Insurance solutions in these sectors and related activities not only protect against potential losses, but are also sometimes a mandatory integral element of business development, since there are some forms of insurance and appropriate policies that are a mandatory prerequisite for working and doing business with clients in those areas. EuroSolutions has significant resources and knowledge on the most important aspects of insurance in the finance and IT sectors. In accordance with their importance and development needs, based on careful analysis, we have developed a range of solutions that provide the necessary security and bring benefits to clients.


At EuroSolutions, we look at finances as a whole, within which we identify risks for service providers in the financial sector, as well as financial management in all companies operating on the domestic and foreign markets.

In line with such a perception, for service providers in the financial sector, we provide complex solutions that combine policies and coverage against various risks associated with process, technological and human capacities.

On the other hand, as support for financial management in companies, we provide a unique high-quality and developed trade credit insurance model. With this product, we provide the foundation for financial management in the form of secured liquidity through secured collection on the domestic and foreign markets. The importance of trade credit insurance (trade credit finance), with the development of international trade especially in times of crisis, represents a special incentive to increase competitiveness, based on better collection conditions and the potential for sustainable business and development.


Similar to financial, the IT business sector is deeply integrated into all other sectors, with a tendency towards further integration and development. This increases the number of potential risks, and one of the most important aspects of insurance in the IT sector, which aims to reduce the risks associated with IT services, is cyber insurance. With the rise of digitisation, organisations face an increasing risk of cyber-attacks, data theft and security breaches. Cyber insurance protects you against such threats and covers system restoration costs, legal fees and compensation for customer losses. This insurance also allows companies to feel more secure in the digital environment.
Furthermore, errors & omissions insurance or professional liability insurance for IT companies (Tech PI) is vital for companies that provide services and advice in that area. It protects them from potential lawsuits if clients suffer financial losses due to errors in the delivery of services or advice. Insurance for technology companies helps maintain client trust and the company’s reputation, while at the same time enabling new levels of service and business development.

Finance i IT - Solutions We Provide

Insurance in the IT and finance sectors is a protective factor against specific risks arising from technological development and financial transactions, the importance of which grows with the growth of the complexity and comprehensiveness of solutions. Through cyber insurance, errors and omissions insurance and professional liability insurance, numerous industries ensure security for their operation and clients. These insurance solutions not only reduce financial losses but also support growth and innovation. Through properly designed insurance policies for finance and IT sectors, a foundation is created for sustainable and successful development in an increasingly complex business environment.