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General liability insurance and employer liability insurance

What general liability insurance and employer liability insurance towards employees protect you from

Although most companies strive to comply with regulations, norms and rules related to their activity, accidents and errors are always possible. In case of damage caused to a third party, liability insurance will provide you with appropriate protection against unforeseen costs and legal consequences.

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General Liability Insurance

We recommend general liability insurance especially to clients who have contact with their customers and colleagues on their premises. It protects you in case of carelessness that can cause damage you, employees and third parties and/or their property. In the event of a lawsuit, the insurance covers both the reimbursement based on the claim filed against your company or staff and the court fees that cannot be avoided in this case.

You can also combine several types of insurance. In that case, you will be provided with protection in case of material or non-material damage to a third party, omissions in production, injuries at work, or damage to employees’ belongings, as well as a series of other responsibilities that the policy covers in accordance with the specifics of your business.

Employer liability insurance towards employees

An employer is almost always responsible for the damage that an employee suffers at work or in connection with it according to the general principles of liability for damage, either based on the principle of subjective or objective responsibility for damages.

This type of insurance is primarily intended for legal entities with a legal obligation to contract insurance against their liability for compensation for damages caused by death, bodily injury, or injury to the health of employees, or damage or destruction of their belongings during their work for the employer, both on the basis of the registered activity and possession of things or a legal basis as a source of danger.