Mobility as a category of insurance solutions provided by EuroSolutions encompasses a range of key areas of coverage – from insuring vehicle fleets, cargo transportation insurance and freight forwarder liability insurance to aviation insurance as a branch of transport and mobility. 

If finance is the lifeblood of the economy, mobility can be seen as the backbone, because it has a supporting role in connecting economic entities and bringing them closer together, thus enabling the smooth functioning of the entire global economic system. On the other hand, on a micro-scale, mobility expressed as a company’s vehicle fleet enables unhindered procurement, delivery, sale or transport as an independent activity or as part of other activities such as tourism.

Considering the complexity and variety of uses, there are also specific risks within the entire category of mobility concerning the means of transport and vehicle operators, transported cargo or passengers, as well as expected transport deadlines and total costs. Such a variety of risks also comes with a variety of insurance solutions in the field of mobility.  Over the years, EuroSolutions has developed a clear methodology and insurance solutions derived from it, which reduce risks and make business safer and more sustainable. As companies become increasingly connected and reliant on various modes of transportation, the need for comprehensive insurance solutions to mitigate risks has grown significantly.

Under the Mobility category within insurance solutions that we provide, three key subcategories or aspects of insurance are distinguished: Car and fleet insurance, Cargo and freight forwarder insurance and Aviation insurance.

Mobility - Insurance Categories

A common thread among all insurance solutions within the Mobility category is the need for a comprehensive risk assessment and tailored coverage solutions. As modes of transport become more complex and connected, EuroSolutions keeps pace with technological advances, regulatory changes and risk evolution to provide effective coverage.