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Preventive Measures

Preventive measures for sustainable security

These services include ongoing customer care. This means that we try to choose the best insurance coverage for you, inform you in a timely manner about favourable opportunities and provide you with security in this area. This includes:

  • Monitoring the maturity of insurance policies and their timely renewal
  • Advising the client on possible decreases or increases in insurance coverage
  • Informing the client about new insurance products
  • Updating insurance coverage and policies

Maturity monitoring and policy renewal

Monitoring insurance policy maturity and its timely renewal refers to the management of insurance policy expiration dates to ensure that policies remain valid and are renewed or renewed in a timely manner. This process ensures:

  • Continuity of coverage:  Keeping track of the maturity of your insurance policies ensures that you do not face a lapse in coverage, which can lead to potentially great financial losses in the event of an accident or harmful event.
  • Compliance: Having basic forms of insurance, such as car insurance or employee insurance, may be a legal obligation.
  • Easier administration: Monitoring the maturity and renewal of policies facilitates insurance administration and reduces the risk of omission or failure to renew policies.

The process of monitoring maturity and timely renewal at EuroSolutions: We use IT systems and software that automatically generate policy maturity and renewal notices. This allows us to timely send notifications about the imminent expiration of the policy and indicates the need for renewal or a new analysis in case of changed business circumstances or risks.

Coverage Adjustments Advisory

Advising clients regarding a possible decrease or increase in insurance coverage always provides appropriate and customised protection. At EuroSolutions, this process includes:

  • Analysis of current policies: we thoroughly analyse the policies with respect to the scope of coverage and the amount of insured sums
  • Business analysis: we keep ourselves informed about possible changes in business activities, future plans and the risks you face
  • Identification of needs and risks: we will identify potential areas where the increase or decrease of coverage is necessary
  • Adjusting coverage: we will analyse and present you with different options, explaining how they will affect premiums and risks

Over time, business needs and risks may change. We regularly monitor the external environment and communicate with clients to timely adjust coverage to new challenges or opportunities and help you choose a financially viable solution that provides adequate protection.

Providing information about new products

Informing our clients about new insurance products is an element that allows them to get familiar with the latest coverage options available. This process helps you make informed decisions about your protection based on current needs and environment changes. We actively monitor changes in the domestic and foreign markets and regularly inform clients about current events. This includes:

  • Tracking new products: we regularly monitor the products launched on the market by various insurance companies. It includes new types of coverage, improved options and changes in insurance conditions.
  • Relevance analysis: we analyse all new products to determine to what extent they are relevant for our clients, considering the client’s profile, sector and type of activity, business trends and current coverage. If a new product is relevant, we will cooperate with you to adjust existing policies or create new ones that include new products.
  • Communication and explanations: we will inform you about the new product, its advantages and the value it can bring you. We will also emphasise how it differs from existing options and answer all your questions.

Updating policies and coverage

Updating insurance coverage is the process of amending existing policies to keep up with changes in the needs and risks occurring in the client’s business. This practice enables adequate insurance coverage over time, following the dynamics by which the business environment and the client’s operations change. Updating includes several steps:

  • Identification of changes: we will identify changes in business activities or assets that could affect your insurance needs. This may include changes in the market, changes in the partners’ business or other significant factors.
  • Needs assessment: based on the identified changes, we will assess whether it is necessary to modify the insurance coverage. This may include a new risk assessment and analysis of the need to change the scope or amount of cover.
  • Offer options: we will present you with options for updating your coverage through adjusting your existing policy or entering into new ones
  • Policy change: upon agreeing on the proposed changes, we will prepare new contracts that reflect such changes to the policy.

By monitoring changes, advising, providing information and updating policies, we ensure that you are always protected in a way that reflects the actual situation, current needs and risks you are exposed to.

Seeking quality advice or improvements proposal?

Our proven methodology of introducing and improving insurance services will reduce risks and costs resulting from unforeseen events in the future. Every journey begins with the first step, and the first step in insurance is the proper identification of risks, followed by defining necessary and effective insurance solutions. Contact us, and we will help you to insure your business, property, people and finances in the best way possible.