Pozadina Eurosolutions

About Us

Who Are We?

EuroSolutions is an innovative company for insurance brokerage services founded in Belgrade in 2009. In the same year, we were issued an insurance brokerage License no. 8780 (dated 27 August 2009) by the National Bank of Serbia.

The numbers speak for us – EuroSolutions is an insurance broker which has constantly been improving key business performance indicators since its establishment. Today, we are one of Serbia’s top 10 insurance brokerage firms. The annual insurance premiums exceed EUR 15,000,000 and have a tendency for further growth.

We are focused on providing high-quality services to our clients and expanding our portfolio, which we achieve in several ways, by:

  • Building a network of foreign partners, which enables us to provide services to our clients in the foreign market
  • Accessing the Lloyd’s insurance market (https://www.lloyds.com/), where the most complex insurance and reinsurance activities are carried out and which covers specific client requirements
  • Constant training and improvement of employees.

Local Partners

EuroSolutions is an insurance broker representing clients before all leading domestic insurance companies. In this way, we can provide all most important types of insurance, as well as special and innovative solutions, fully adapted to the needs of clients and partners, both standard and non-standard models.

International Presence

For many years, EuroSolutions has been providing customer services in foreign markets through a built-up network of partner brokerage companies.

In addition, Eurosolutions Ltd. is the correspondent for the Serbian market of the largest global specialised association for trade credit insurance ICBA (International Credit Brokers Alliance).

Seeking professional advice or support for improvements?

Our proven methodology for introducing and improving insurance services guarantees a reduction in risks and costs that arise as a result of unforeseen events in the future. Every journey begins with the first step, and the first step in insurance is the proper identification of risks, followed by defining insurance solutions that are necessary and efficient. Reach out, and we will help you ensure your business, assets, people, and finances in the best possible way.