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How to Efficiently Report and Collect Damage?

Filing a damage claim involves a series of steps that you must follow to seek reimbursement or benefits from your insurance company when an insured event occurs. The process may vary depending on the type of insurance (health insurance, car insurance, property insurance, life insurance) and the specific rules of your insurance company.

When an insured event occurs, take the following steps to file a damage claim:

#1 Understand your policy

Before submitting a claim, analyse the terms and conditions of your insurance policy. Make sure the event you are claiming for is covered and familiarise yourself with all deductibles, exclusions and limits.

#2 Contact your insurance company

Before submitting a claim, analyze the terms and conditions of your insurance policy. Make sure the event you are claiming for is covered and familiarize yourself with all deductibles, exclusions and limits.

#3 Document the incident

Collect all relevant information about the event. This may include photos, police reports, witness statements or receipts. For instance, in case of machine breakdown, if the production process requires immediate repair of the damage, the insured shall be obliged to provide authoritative evidence of the cause and extent of the damage. This can also include taking photos of the damaged items, storing the replaced parts, etc. Furthermore, along with the completed claim report, you should also submit a record of the defect diagnosis of the damaged item made by an authorized service center or an authorized expert, an invoice for the performed repair, a work order or another document confirming the damage. You mustn’t repair anything before the insurance company appraiser finishes their inspection, except for urgent repairs to prevent major damage.

What should be the form of the documents?

For the mentioned case – broken machine – you may find an example of a damage claim here. Depending on the insured event, employees in EuroSolutions insurance mediation company can provide you with claim forms for reporting different types of damages.

#4 Fill out claim forms

Your insurance company will provide you with the necessary forms for filing a claim. Completely fill out these forms as accurately as possible. Be honest and provide all requested information.

#5 Provide supporting documents

Along with claim forms, submit any additional documentation you have collected. This helps to confirm your claim.

EuroSolutions is at your disposal to support you with the submission of claims and collection of damages. You can always contact us, and we will facilitate the damage reporting procedure by sending a list of necessary documents and assisting you throughout the entire process

#6 Communicate with the appraiser

An insurance appraiser will be assigned to your case. They will be responsible for researching the details of the claim and determining the amount to be paid by the insurance company. Cooperate with the appraiser, but be careful about the information you provide.

Employees of EuroSolutions, an insurance mediation company with many years of experience, will always advise you to communicate exclusively in writing and not to make any oral statements or provide details that could affect the course of the assessment before the appraiser’s inspection.

#7 Collect repair estimates

If applicable, such as in the case of property or car damage, you will receive estimates for repairing the damages from reliable sources. This will be helpful and give you a rough estimate of the costs involved.

#8 Review the claim settlement decision

Finally, the insurance company will present a decision for settlement of damages based on its assessment of your claim. Carefully review this settlement decision and make sure it covers all costs and damages you have incurred.

#9 Negotiate if it’s necessary

If you believe that the amount on the claim settlement decision is too low, do not hesitate to file an objection. Present your documents and evaluations to complete your case. During the negotiation process, and if necessary, before starting the claim procedure, you can always turn to us, since we are experts with many years of experience, and the team of EuroSolutions insurance mediators will provide you with their knowledge and experience to support you in resolving all claims as efficiently as possible.

#10 Once the claim is settled

When you and the insurer agree on a settlement, the claim will be settled and you will receive compensation. Be sure to keep copies of all documents in your records.

The key to a successful claim is to be organized, collect all necessary documents, which should be kept even after the claim is settled, and understand the conditions and coverage of the policy.
If you feel overwhelmed or believe that your request has not been appropriately processed, consider seeking legal assistance or contact us. We are here for you.