Privatno zdravstveno osiguranje

Private Health Insurance – Advantages and Benefits

Private Medical Insurance for Employees – a Solution for both Employees and Employers

Private health insurance for employees is a type of insurance that is valued as a benefit in companies, and it can also be said that with this type of insurance, you can immediately see a practical result. Having in mind the challenges the state health system is facing, it does not take much for an employer to understand that it is much simpler and cheaper to pay for private medical insurance for their employees than for their employees to miss work due to waiting in lines at state health institutions.

Some of the private health insurance packages also allow you to have your examination scheduled at a time that suits you.

Group Health Insurance for Employees

Private health insurance for employees or group health insurance is concluded by the employer to improve the level of health care of its employees and their family members. Private group medical insurance can be contracted independently of mandatory medical insurance prescribed by the state.

Advantages of contracting group private health insurance for employers

  • It increases employee motivation and loyalty;
  • The employer chooses the coverage package for their employees and, in this way, determines how much they will pay for that coverage package according to his budget;
  • Employees are less absent from work, because they choose time which suits them to visit the doctor’s office;
  • There are less sick days because employees have access to faster diagnostic tests and treatment in the best private and state health facilities.

Advantages of contracting group private health insurance for employees

  • Employees do not have to think about the costs of medical services they use for themselves and their family members, knowing that such costs are covered by the employer;
  • They get access to a network of the best private and state healthcare institutions across the country (more than 600) and which are at their disposal 24 hours a day, every day;
  • They can use a free call centre and a doctor's medical assistance 24 hours a day, every day.

Private Health Insurance for Employees – Price and Packages

Depending on the level of coverage, packages are offered on the market that include:


It includes examinations by general practitioners or specialist doctors, laboratory analyses, diagnostics, administration of therapy, outpatient procedures, and medical technical aids.

Additional coverages you contract may include general medical examinations, dental examinations, ophthalmological examinations, physical therapy, prescription drugs, etc.


In addition to basic coverage, it also provides hospital accommodation, surgical procedures, therapy, surgical implants and medical and technical aids.

You can also contract coverage for pregnancy, which includes examinations during pregnancy, ultrasounds, prenatal testing and childbirth, as well as health care for the baby in the first month of life.

What is the Cost of Private Health Insurance?

The premium you will pay for private medical insurance for employees depends on several parameters, such as:

  • Age structure of employees
  • Selected coverage package
  • General copay (amount paid by the insured for treatment) which, if contracted, amounts to 10% or 20%, which results in a lower insurance premium
  • Number of insured persons
  • Methods/dynamics of premium payment (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually) with the application of appropriate discounts

How to use a medical health insurance policy

If you own a medical health insurance policy you will receive a card from the insurance company. The card contains your personal data, the duration of the card and your coverage package, as well as the phone number of the contact centre. The contact centre is at your disposal 24/7/365 for any question you may have.

The employees of the contact centre are doctors who, based on the symptoms you describe to them, should determine which doctor to refer you to so you won’t have to visit several different doctors.

Assuming you know which examination you need, the contact centre will offer you the healthcare facility closest to you and the appointment time that suits you best. If you wish to visit a specific health facility and a particular doctor, the centre should make an effort to provide that for you as well. They will also inform the health facility expecting your arrival.

You go in for the examination at the exact scheduled time. After the examination, you sign a certificate that you have performed the examination and that the health facility can charge your insurance company for the examination. If you have chosen a facility where your copay for the examination is expected, you pay for your part on the spot.

Insurance companies from which we will receive offers for private health insurance for employees

We will provide you with a detailed overview of the offers that will include an overview of the insured risks with indicated possible waiting periods and mandatory co-payments, exclusions, and a clear description of each coverage within the selected package from the following insurance companies:

Our job as an intermediary is to find the best offer for you with the best price-coverage ratio.