Osiguranje je poverenje

Insurance is an Activity of Trust

We mark the start of the 15th year of EuroSolutions’ operation with a special action. It is not connected with sales.

We provide free advice to persons who contact us because they had negative experiences or doubts with the approval or collection of claims, or proper formulation of risks and policies and other potential ambiguities regarding insurance contracts.

Omogućavamo besplatan savet onima koji nam se obrate povodom toga što su imali negativna iskustva ili nedoumice sa priznavanjem ili naplatom šteta, odnosno pravilnim formulisanjem rizika i polisa i drugim potencijalnim nejasnoćama u Ugovorima o osiguranju.


Because, after 14 years of daily contact with clients, insurance companies, appraisers and all other participants in the creation of policies and contracts, valuation, assessment and collection of claims, we have a very good understanding of the key element for minimising risk: proper understanding and communication.

Our role as an insurance broker consist of much more than simply connecting policyholders and insurance companies. We are here to help you identify risks and formulate them in such a way that both the insured and the insurer properly understand them. We are here to help ensure that risks, potential damages and compensation are properly assessed and adequately described. We are here to monitor the realisation and implementation of all agreed terms and conditions. We are here to ensure that contracts are timely renewed and that new risks and potential damages are identified in time so that new contracts reflect the development of the industry and the client’s operations.

All this allows us to support and improve the understanding between the parties and the appropriate implementation of all agreed terms.

How will we implement this action?

We implement it in the same way we do business: based on the exposed problem, we will identify its background and what causes led to it. Drawing from our experience and practice, we can recognize, describe and analyze the problem. We will do the same with the questions received as soon as possible – because efficiency is key to the proper use of any resource..

When will we implement it?

EuroSolutions is an insurance broker celebrating 14 years since its establishment on 11 September. Starting from the day of publication of this text, we will spend the following month answering questions about your contracts, damages, assessments, approvals, collections and everything else that did not go as you expected.

In what way?

In the most efficient way we know – via the contact form. Select the option “Question for 14 years” and fill out the form. We will answer you as soon as possible.

Are there any obvious or obscure risks in this action?

No. We mean… no.
Although this generally may not be an obvious question, for us it is – we always think about risks first.
We will analyse all questions, and we stand behind our answers with 14 years of building the identity and brand of EuroSolutions. Although every problem can seem to be the biggest (and it can be) and a special case – practice has shown us that the ambiguities are usually similar. If a special problem occurs, we will consider it individually. All confidential information remains confidential. Because, after all, insurance is an activity of trust. And communication.